Silent Storm

Silent Storm 2.0

Silent storm is an strategy game developed by JoWooD Productions
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JoWooD Productions Software AG

Silent storm is an strategy game developed by JoWooD Productions.
With this game you will go back to the Second World War. While the game scenario is historical the missions that you must perform are fictional.
At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose a side in the war. Then, you can choose your character with who you will have to do some missions. You must choose the other members of your team, in that case you will choose between five professions such as scout, doctor,sniper and others. You must direct and combine the roles of 6 members of a command, each one with different capabilities.
If you success in your duties you will be able to have more experience, better weapons or a new ability.
Everything that appears in your way is able to be destroyed, such as windows, doors, stairs or many other objects.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are very realistic, everything was carefully built. The graphics are very good. the sound effects are incredible, and the soundtrack is good, but not spectacular.

To sum up, is a very good game, you will certainly enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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